St. Jerome School

5580 Thornburn St.
Los Angeles, CA 90045-2141 United States

(310) 670-1678

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St. Jerome School, a Catholic parish elementary school in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, is committed to educating Christian leaders for our world and to serving the needs of a culturally diverse Catholic Community.  It is the mission of the school to create a strong faith community, to teach children the Doctrine and traditions of the Catholic faith and to nurture students through an integrated, standards based curriculum.  We work in partnership with the parents, whom we recognize as the primary educators of their children.  We believe that all St. Jerome children are called to be Christian leaders in their families, local communities, workplace, and in the world.
Christian Leaders
  •  Participates actively in prayer
  •  Shows and understanding of the Catholic Faith
  •  Uses my talents to serve God and Others
Thoughtful Citizen
  •  Expresses responsibility to help others
  • Shows respect for cultural diversity
  • Accepts stewardship for the earth
Responsible Learner
  • Puts forth my best effort daily
  • Uses technology responsibly
  • Demonstrates critical thinking

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Tom MacDonald