St. Bonaventure High School

3167 Telegraph Rd.
Ventura, CA 93003-3218 United States

(805) 648-6836

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The education at Saint Bonaventure High School, in the spirit of our patron St. Bonaventure, works from a stance of accountability, transparency and simplicity. It promotes peacemaking and engages the work with an attitude of justice. It strives to repair God’s house through social responsibility. It is out of this philosophy we have established our mission statement: As a community of faith inspired by Christian values and celebrated in Catholic tradition, St. Bonaventure High School fosters a shared dedication to living faith, engaging hearts, enlightening minds, achieving excellence and transforming lives. We commit to the education of the whole person, entrusting to each student the values, knowledge and wisdom to witness the call to serve and transform the world.

School Contacts


Mrs. Christina Castro

(805) 648-6836