The Wife of the Deacon

Deacon Ministry
Believe what you read, teach what you believe and practice what you teach.

—Ordination Rite of the Deacon upon receiving the Book of Gospels

The wife of the deacon, although not ordained, becomes an integral part of the Diaconate Community by participating in the entire formation program and being an active member of the deacon community of the Archdiocese, working with her husband or on her own ministries.

The Diaconate Community is composed of deacons and their wives who gather regularly in deanery and regional meetings in order to support each other in going forth to minister in the marketplace.

Pope John Paul II remarked, in 1987, when addressing Deacons and their families: “You represent a great and visible sign of the working of the Holy Spirit in the wake of the II Vatican Council…This Council explains that the service of the deacon is the church’s service sacramentalized. Yours is not just one ministry among others, but is truly meant to be, as Paul VI described it, a ‘driving force’ for the whole Church’s service.”

Mission Statement

We, the deacons of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, humbly accept with joy our mission to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. We are prayerful servants, ordained to participate in the loving mission of Jesus to the people of God, through the diaconal ministries of Love and Justice, Word of God, and Liturgy. Under the leadership of the Archbishop and pastors, we give of ourselves in service to the people, in our local churches and neighborhoods.

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