Pornography and Digital Safety


We often receive calls from schools requesting resources to help their students struggling with pornography, sexting, and digital safety. The average age of first exposure to pornography today is 8-years-old. And this is a reality for families in our parishes – 79% of men and 76% of women aged 18-30 self-report that they view pornography at least once a month.

There is help available, and we’ve compiled a list below of the best organizations we have found to help schools, parents, and parishioners navigate these tough topics.

For Parents and Teachers:

Start by reading this article by Matt Fradd on how to talk to young people about viewing porn – Parenting the Porn Generation


Prevention Tools for Parents


Helping Kids After Porn Exposure

Resources for Youth and Young Adults

  • The Culture Project
    Our office underwrites these young adult missionaries to speak for free in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to 6th-12th grade and young adults about sexual integrity and human dignity. Schedule them to speak to your church or school!
  • Fight the New Drug
    Fight the New Drug is the best secular resource offering verified scientific research, articles, and excellent social media campaigns to show how porn harms individuals. Their signature campaign slogan is Porn Kills Love.

Further Reading

The Porn Effect | LifeTeen  | Chastity Project | The Young Catholic Gentleman all have great articles for young people on pornography and healing.

Recovery Apps

  • The Victory App
    Victory App was created by LifeTeen and Matt Fradd to help young people overcome pornography addiction.
  • Fortify App
    Fortify is Fight the New Drug’s app to help teens and adults overcome porn addiction.



  • Integrity Restored
    Integrity Restored offers counseling for individuals who need more intensive help overcoming an addiction to pornography.
  • CatholicPsych
    Catholic Psych is another wonderful resource that offers online counseling for people, and they have worked with many individuals struggling with pornography addiction.

Educate Yourself and Your Parish with Angelus News Articles:

USCCB Statement:

Create in Me a Clean Heart is the USCCB’s statement on pornography for the Year of Mercy . It’s a beautiful document and well worth the read.​​