One License

Resources to Help you Navigate Your One License Account

Welcome to our One License support webpage. If you are looking for support with your account — for example: locating your license number or associated email address — please email Brigid Scott at

If you are in need of some refresher information such as how to search for a song selection, how to download your selections and how to report, please view the short video tutorials at the bottom of this webpage. You may also  click here to download a welcome packet from OneLicense.

Thank you for all you do to enhance the worship experience of your parish and school communities.

Copyright Notice Requirements

As a ONE LICENSE license holder, you are required to print the copyright acknowledgment on the bottom of the first page of each reprinted hymn or song. You must include the symbol ©, the year of copyright, and the name of the copyright holder. In addition, the words “All rights reserved” and your organization’s license number (with the other acknowledgments contained therein) must appear with either each piece, or at the beginning/end of the booklet/slide/worship aid.

The copyright notice format when one copyright owner is responsible for the work is:

Words & Music: Jane Doe, © 1987 ABC Music Co.; All rights reserved. Reprinted under ONE LICENSE #A-000000.

The copyright notice format when two different copyright owners are responsible for the work is:

Words: John Doe, © 1988 ABC Music Co.; Music: Jim Brown, © 1990 XYZ Publications. All rights reserved. Reprinted under ONE LICENSE #A-000000.