Mental Health and Suicide

“Whoever suffers mental illness always bears God’s image and likeness, and has an inalienable right to be considered a person and treated as such.”

-St. Pope John Paul II

Mental Health Resources

LA Department of Mental Health: Contact LA County’s mental health department which offers assistance via 24/7 hotlines, online support, and a specific care hotline for those needing spiritual and mental support.

For 24/7 assistance, call 1-800-854-7771
For online resources and support visit the Department of Mental Health website.
CLUE Spiritual Care Hotline, created by the LA Department of Mental Health’s Faith Based Advocacy Council for laity consumers seeking spiritual, emotional support, during COVID: 213-477-7468.

Bilingual and Bicultural Mental Health Care: UCLA’s Hispanic Neuropsychiatric Center of Excellence (HNCE) has partnered with the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health to meet the specific mental health needs of bilingual and bicultural Latino/a individuals. To contact the UCLA Hispanic Neuropsychiatric Center of Excellence, call (310) 206-9326 or email

Catholic Mental Health Professionals:

Visit Catholic Therapists to find a Catholic mental health practitioner in your area. Complete the form on their web page to connect with someone over the phone or online.

CatholicPsych has wonderful online assistance as well. Complete a contact form and be connected with a therapist within 24 hours.

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness): This organization is made up of local chapters and provides education, services, and support for those struggling with mental health issues. Find your local chapter here.

Suicide Prevention and Awareness

If someone you know is facing suicidal thoughts,

TeenLine: Offers a teen to teen hotline where youth can talk about their struggles with someone who ‘gets it’, a trained teen volunteer. The hotline is supervised by mental health professionals who provide support to teen volunteers. It provides a safe, non judgmental space for youth to reach out anonymously to talk about their stress, learn ways to cope, identify their support network and get helpful resources.

Youth can contact the hotline any night of the week from 6-10PM PST at (800) 852-8336 or text TEEN to 839863 (6-9PM PST).

Get Involved:

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people aged 15-24, and the suicide rate for girls aged 10-14 has tripled in recent years. About 90% of people who have died by suicide suffered from depression or another diagnosable mental health condition. If you recognize someone struggling, you can support them. Be a good friend. Talk to them, pray with them, ask them if they’ve thought about suicide, and suggest they react out for professional help. There is hope and healing in Christ, who loves each of us beyond measure. And we can be His hands and feet to our brothers and sisters with mental illness.

Pray for Those Experiencing Mental Illness and Suicidal Ideation
Assist Your Parish in How to Address Mental Health
Share information with your parish, school, and family about suicide and mental health.
Educate Students with Respect Life Week Curriculum
Explore the Respect Life Week resources for Mental Health and invite students, at a grade-appropriate level, to understand why we believe what we do and what we can do to build a Culture of Life right here in LA.
Keep these Phone Numbers on Hand
Keep the Suicide Prevention Lifeline in your phone: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
Keep the Department of Mental Health  number in your phone: 1-800-854-7771


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