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Teacher’s Aide $20.00 – $24.00 per hour

St. Bernardine of Siena Children’s Center (Woodland Hills)






Responsibilities will include, but not limited to, the following:

• Assisting in planning and implementing the daily and weekly programs under the direction of the teacher.
• Assisting in planning and preparing the learning environment, setting up interest centers, and preparing needed materials and supplies.
• Supervising the classroom when the teacher is out of the room.
• Helping with the general housekeeping tasks of the school.
• Assisting the teacher in any other appropriate ways, such as planning an occasional lesson.
• Maintaining professional attitudes and loyalty to the school at all times.
• Treating all children with dignity and respect.
• Assuming temporary responsibilities of teacher in the absence of the teacher.
• Handling discipline promptly and in accordance with both the state and school policy on discipline.
• Reporting to the Director any special needs or problems of individual children.
• Keeping the classroom, storage rooms, and bathrooms clean, neat and orderly.
• Supervising and insuring the safety and well-being of the children at ALL times, being alert for the needs and/or problems of the children as individuals and as a group.
• Potty training children and changing clothes when necessary.
• Notifying the office to re-order supplies when low.
• Working with other teachers to keep the atmosphere happy and welcoming.
• Washing hands and face of children as necessary during the day in order to keep their appearance neat.
• Assisting with the serving of morning and afternoon snack and sitting at the table with an assigned group of children at noon meal.
• Treating each other with dignity and respect.
• Assisting in any other areas as directed by the Director.
• Must pass the health exam, TB test, child abuse clearance and fingerprinting.
• Must receive flu shot, whooping cough, and measles vaccines and/or boosters.
• Must sign a Child Abuse Reporting Statement.
• Being on time and ready to assume responsibility of the class according to hours agreed upon the time of hiring. This may mean arriving at school early enough to get materials ready beforehand.
• Never UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES leaving children unattended. Calling someone in the event of an emergency.
• Seeing that all manipulative materials are kept in order on shelves when the children are not playing with them. Every child should be directed to return material to shelves before taking something new. All broken and worn out materials should be taken to the office for disposal. All books should be kept in order racks and damaged books be repaired.
• Greeting parents and children as they arrive. Public relations is very important. Remember that we are here for a service unto the Lord and want parents to know this. Never hesitate to witness to parents with TACT and LOVE.
• Never leaving the room while children are sleeping.
• Helping children get ready for snack times.
• Making sure all shoes are tied during the day.
• Seeing that children are dressed properly for outside play, depending upon weather.
• Supervising children and making sure they are not running in the classrooms or participating in loud play.
• Seeing that all equipment is back on the shelves in order for the next day before leaving for that day.
• Assisting in any other areas as directed by the Teacher and Director.

The assistant teacher is under the supervision of the Teacher and Director.


• Attending and being prepared to participate in staff meetings, in-service training, and orientation.
• Attending 12 hours of continuing education a year.
• Attending all parent education meetings as scheduled.
• Assisting Director with the organization of materials and supplies, inventory, and keeping equipment in good repair.

Wage Range
The rate of pay offered to the selected candidate is based on internal pay policy and budget. New hires are commonly paid at the minimum of the wage range or within the lower part of the range. We consider a number of factors when making compensation decisions including, but not limited to, skill sets, experience, training and other department needs.

Information/Application Contact

St. Bernardine of Siena Children’s Center (Woodland Hills)

24425 Calvert Street

Woodland Hills, CA 91307