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Religion Teacher/Coordinator $46,021- $85,258

St. Cyril of Jerusalem School (Encino)






Description: St. Cyril School is seeking a passionate and dedicated individual to join our team as a Catholic School Religion Teacher. As a vital member of our educational community, you will be responsible for teaching and fostering an understanding of the Catholic faith among students. You will play a key role in shaping the spiritual growth and moral development of our students, preparing them to become active participants in their faith communities and the world at large.


Curriculum Development: Implement a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with Catholic teachings, scripture, and traditions, catering to students of varying ages and academic levels. Some familiarity with the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools (NSBECSS)

Instructional Delivery: Deliver engaging and interactive lessons that promote critical thinking, reflection, and discussion on topics related to Catholic theology, morality, sacraments, prayer, and social justice.

Faith Formation: Foster an environment conducive to spiritual growth, where students feel encouraged to deepen their relationship with God, develop their conscience, and live out the values of the Gospel in their daily lives.

Sacramental Preparation: Assist and collaborate with teachers to help students prepare for sacraments such as First Holy Communion and Reconciliation. Providing guidance and support throughout students’ sacramental journey.

Community Engagement: Collaborate with parents, clergy, and other stakeholders to create opportunities for community prayer, service projects, retreats, and other activities that promote a sense of belonging and connectedness within the school community.

Assessment and Feedback: Assess student learning through various methods such as exams, projects, presentations, and discussions, providing timely feedback and guidance to support their academic and spiritual growth.

Professional Development: Stay abreast of developments in Catholic theology, pedagogy, and educational technology through ongoing professional development opportunities, workshops, conferences, and networking with colleagues.

Pastoral Care: Provide pastoral care and support to students, offering guidance and mentorship as they navigate personal, social, and spiritual challenges.

Physical Demands: Provide active supervision, ensuring student safety and enforcing rules and procedures to prevent accidents or injuries. When performing activities throughout the day, the teacher spends the majority of the day standing in the classroom or walking around campus. Dealing with the students can entail kneeling or squatting, lifting, stooping, and bending. The teacher must see and hear on a continuous basis as well as speak frequently. On a rare occasion it may be necessary to move quickly, run, etc. over smooth to uneven surfaces such as on asphalt, gravel, on the playground, or on the grass. The work environment will vary from potentially very loud situations such as cafeterias and playgrounds to more moderate situations such as classrooms or large group professional settings. Adaptability to all weather conditions related to outdoor activities and/or travel is necessary. The employee must be able to work in air- conditioned and heated environments under fluorescent lighting.


– Practicing Catholic with a strong commitment to the teachings and values of the Catholic Church.
– Bachelor’s degree in theology, religious education, or a related field (Master’s degree preferred).
– Teaching certification or relevant teaching experience, preferably in a Catholic school setting.
– Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.
– Ability to create a supportive and inclusive learning environment that respects the diverse backgrounds and experiences of students.
– Passion for working with young people and nurturing their spiritual and moral development.
– Willingness to actively participate in the life of the school community, including attending Masses, prayer services, and other religious events.
– Certified Catechist (preferred)

Wage Range
The rate of pay offered to the selected candidate is based on internal pay policy and budget. New hires are commonly paid at the minimum of the wage range or within the lower part of the range. We consider a number of factors when making compensation decisions including, but not limited to, skill sets, experience, training and other department needs.

Information/Application Contact

St. Cyril of Jerusalem School (Encino)

4548 Haskell Avenue

Encino, CA 91436