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Athletic Director

St. Pius X. St. Matthias Academy (Downey)






The Athletic Director is responsible for the effective administration of the boys' and girls' athletic programs. Specific responsibilities are as follows: 1. Prepares a proposed annual budget for all sports for submission to the Principal. 2. Develops, implements, and monitors the athletic budget in collaboration with the business manager and principal/President. Enforces and ensures that business processes and procedures are adhered to by coaches and other athletic personnel and volunteers. 3. Insures that all expenditures for the athletic programs are provided for in the approved budget and are processed according to established school regulations. 4. Assists the Principal in hiring and assignment of coaches. 5. Is familiar with all applicable C.I.F., C.A.A, Leagues and N.C.A.A. policies and regulations. 6. In-services all coaches on these policies and regulations with a view to insuring their implementation in the school's athletic programs. 7. Supervises and formally evaluates coaches in the various programs offered by the school. 8. Insures that athletes have undergone the required medical examinations before engaging in practice. 9. Maintains a log of all athletic injuries and oversees the filing of appropriate insurance forms. 10. Obtains the required parental consent forms and files them in the Athletic Director's office. 11. Prepares and disseminates to teachers and administrators accurate team rosters and accurate team departure times. 12. Seeks approval for athletes required to leave campus for a competition prior to sixth period. 13. Designs proposed master schedules for all sports with input from the head coaches and submits these to the principal for approval. 14. Insures that all games scheduled with other schools are covered by valid contracts appropriately executed. 15. Arranges for the renting of playing fields and courts as necessary. 16. Arranges for the employment, payment and facilities for officials. 17. Coordinates the work of the support staff and volunteers in the athletic program including the equipment manager. 18. Arranges for the safe and legal transportation of athletes to off-campus sports contests. Coordinates rooter buses for specified athletic events. 19. Attends and supervises all football and basketball games (home and away) and all other sports home games especially when sizable crowd is present. 20. Coordinates the Sports Awards Assemblies and banquets. 21. Disseminates athletic news to the Marketing Director in a timely fashion. 22. Promotes the athletic teams on campus. 23. Meets with the coaches on a regular basis for policy review. 24. Maintains a current inventory of all equipment. 25. Oversees the locker room facilities, weight room, gymnasium, and athletic fields, seeking maintenance through the Plant Manager. 26. Serves as the school liaison with the Booster Club and maintains administrative presence at booster club meetings 27. Assists with the coordination of the Booster Club who staff various locations at the games: a. Concession stand staffing b. Security in stands and parking lot c. Field security d. Chain crew 28. Coordinates placement of security personnel, hired and volunteers, as necessary. 29. Serves as a member of the Leadership Team. 30. Responsible for the production of the printed Football and Basketball programs. 31. Assists in the annual revision of the faculty and student handbooks. 32. Assist with outreach to potential new students and feeder school 33. Provides for the assignment, upkeep, and maintenance of the gym lockers. 34. Ensures that all coaches abide by the academic/disciplinary eligibility list. 35. Serves as a member of the Leadership Team. 36. Provide regular reports to the school board and committees and, where applicable serve on the school’s Consultative Board/Council at the request of the Principal/President. 37. Chairs the Athletic Advisory Council 38. May require teaching at least 2 classes 39. Performs any other duties assigned by the Principal. Summer Program 1. Prepare a summer practice schedule for all sports taking into account gym space, field time, the needs of incoming freshman and sports conflicts for boys and girls sports 2. Prepares appropriate information and forms for the summer school brochure and for parent newsletters. 3. Assists the Principal with the registration of students into summer sports classes and with the generation of roll sheets. 4. Defines curriculum content for all summer sports classes and oversees implementation during summer session. 5. Oversees use of all equipment and uniforms during the summer session. 6. Collects and keeps on file all necessary physical forms and permission slips for athletes involved in summer session. 7. Oversees the locker room facilities, weight room, gymnasium and athletic fields, between the hours of 12:30 pm and 5:30pm, Monday-Friday, during summer school, seeking routine maintenance through the Plant Manager. 8. Assists the Principal in determining and executing summer capital improvements on sports facilities and athletic fields. Obtains bids and contracts work as directed. 9. Obtains proper purchase orders and orders all medical supplies for the upcoming year. 10. Obtains proper purchase orders and orders all equipment, supplies and uniforms for Fall and Winter sports. 11. Submits upcoming schedules to appropriate referee assignors for all Fall and Winter sports.


-Bachelor's degree in sports administration/management or teaching field -Three years of Athletic director experience preferred -Preference is given to practicing Roman Catholics. Ability to motivate and manage diverse teams of coaches & volunteers. • Ability to travel locally and regionally. • Ability to work well under pressure and be flexible and responsive to deadlines. • Excellent planning and communication skills. • Great attitude and willingness to assist when needed. • Ability to multi-task effectively. • Work well in a team environment. • Solid aptitude of Microsoft Suite, G Suite, fundraising and budgeting Physical and Environmental Conditions: • May be required to use personal vehicle during work • Required to attend frequent evening athletic competitions & meetings • Ability to lift, carry, or pull objects of up to 20 pounds in weight. • Simultaneous/repetitive use of both hands is required for writing and data entry. • Sight, hearing and speech required to communicate effectively. Please email resume and references to: Include "Athletic Director" in the subject line

Information/Application Contact

St. Pius X. St. Matthias Academy (Downey)

7851 Gardendale St

Downey, California 90242