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Connecting Scripture and Life podcast explores the way God speaks in different times and places with the same wisdom that lead to a happy life. Scripture teaches us how to live that life. Through conversations with people who love, teach, and live it we will explore our own lives in the pages of the sacred.  

Connecting Scripture and Life podcast series features Rabbi Jason Fruithandler and Barbara Murphy who share insights and struggles with faith today that the Scriptures both illuminate and confound. It is hoped that these conversations will encourage everyone to see beyond what they know and consider new ways of exploring the same truth. 

Rabbi Jason Fruithandler is Rabbi at the Woodbury Jewish Center in Woodbury, New York. He served for seven years as Associate Rabbi at Sinai Temple, Los Angeles. Please follow this link for his full biography. 

Barbara Murphy has been with the Catholic Bible Institute since 2001 and Coordinator of Bible Studies in English in the Office of Religious Education at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles since 2022. 

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Connecting Scripture and Life Podcast

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