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Global Solidarity Action Team

Purpose and Vision

  • Deepen the understanding among Catholics in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles of the global ministry of the Church and engage their participation in global solidarity initiatives and the work of Catholic Relief Services (CRS).
  • Identify, recruit, and engage parish leaders to promote global solidarity initiatives that will become grounded in parish life.
  • Build global solidarity teams by region, deanery and parish for active participation in evangelization.


As part of a strategic initiative of the Office of Life, Justice and Peace, the Global Solidarity Action Team will serve as a catalyst by which the Church’s commitment to global solidarity can be taught and deepened in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. This will focus on parishes, Catholic schools and other interested groups and will utilize the activities and programs of CRS.  The team will be associated with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Office of Life, Justice and Peace.



  • Organize educational outreach and training in global solidarity and the work of CRS.
  • Complete situational analysis of parish participation in CRS Rice Bowl and develop and implement a strategy to increase parish and school participation during CRS Rice Bowl’s annual Lenten Campaign
  • Develop and implement plans to promote CRS leading up to the collection weekend.
  • Develop and implement strategies to engage diverse groups, such as Religious Education offices, regional social justice committees, youth ministry, JustFaith, and other groups including Catholic high schools, universities, and Newman Centers of area public universities and colleges, that would engage their support and participation in global solidarity initiatives and the work of CRS.


Global Solidarity Committee Members

Members are identified, recruited, and engaged around this common vision and interest in global solidarity, with a willingness to grow and develop as Catholic leaders.  They commit to carrying out this vision by taking on leadership roles as members of the Global Solidarity Action Team.

Current members:

  • Tony Fadale, American Martyrs Church
  • Fr. Webertt Merilan, Santa Rosa de Lima Parish
  • Joan and Bob Harper, St. Bede the Venerable Church
  • Pia and Anselm Varni, St. Mel Church
  • Heidi and Nelson Villaluz, St. Mark Church
  • David Lara, OLA Regional Coordinator
  • Sergio Lopez, Catholic Relief Services, West Region


  • Kathleen Domingo, Office of Life, Justice and Peace, Archdiocese of Los Angeles
  • Jim DeHarpporte, CRS West Region