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Terminations: Employee FAQ

FAQ for Employees


Who do I need to provide notice to if I am planning to resign/retire?

  • Archdiocese Catholic Center & Cemeteries & Mortuaries – Your supervisor/manager and designated Human Resources Representative.
  • Parishes & Schools – Please send to the person in charge.

What type of information do I need to provide in my resignation/retirement letter?

Do I have to provide a 2-week’ notice?

What happens to my benefits when I terminate my employment?

  • If you are participating in the health benefits your benefits will terminate at the end of your termination month.
    • For example: Termination date is April 2nd, last day of coverage is April 30th.
    • Termination date is April 29th, last day of coverage is April 30th.

Am I eligible to receive unused sick hours when I terminate my employment.

  • All eligible employees are entitled to payment of earned but unused vacation at termination. No payment is made for unused sick leave.

When will I receive my last check and my unused vacation hours?

  • Employees who do not provide notice will receive their final pay including unused accrued vacation, if applicable, within 72 hours of termination.

Will my final check be direct deposit or a physical check?

How can I update my mailing address for my W-2 after I have resigned?

  • Archdiocese Catholic Center & Cemeteries & Mortuaries – Contact the Human Resources Department 213-637-7494.
  • Parishes & Schools – Contact person in charge.

Who do I contact for my pension, 403B, and cobra benefits?

  • Pension – Please contact Pension Services 866-907-5472.
  • 403B – Please contact Mutual of America 800-468-3785.
  • Cobra Benefits – You will automatically receive the cobra package to your mailing address on file within 30 days of termination. If you have any questions, please contact the Insurance Department 213-637-7671.


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