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1012 Coronel Ave.
San Fernando, CA 91340-3615 United States

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Saint Ferdinand Catholic School was founded in September 1929 under the direction of the Sisters of Divine Providence. The school housed eight classrooms on the main floor and the church held services on the second floor. The changing dynamics and growing population of the San Fernando region necessitated the expansion of the school facilities at the time. In 1952 the school was expanded with a second site consisting of eight more classrooms, restrooms and an office on the property located between Pico St. and Coronel St. It was during this period of growth that the Sisters of Divine Providence withdrew from the school, and the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet began to staff Saint Ferdinand.

In 1960 the city acquired the property of the original site of the school because it lay in the heart of the business district of the city. In exchange, the parish acquired the lot west of Coronel St. on which it began immediate construction of a new, well-equipped, eight-classroom, air-conditioned plant that also included new office spaces, a nurses office, a new faculty room, ample storage closets and an intercommunication system that linked both the east and west campuses. Construction was completed in 1961.

As the technological age began to blossom, a well-equipped computer lab was established in 1987 to serve the technological needs of our students. In 1998, the William H. Hannon Foundation generously funded the purchase of new computers for the computer lab. In the same year the school, through rigorous fundraising efforts, was able to furnish computers for each classroom.

On January 17, 1994, Southern California suffered a massive earthquake with its epicenter in the San Fernando Valley. Both school buildings sustained little damage, although the church fences were weakened and had to subsequently be replaced. The church building on the other hand was extensively damaged and was restricted from all use until completely restored on Easter Sunday of 1995. All church services in the interim were held in the hall.

Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, for the first time in the school’s eighty year history, Saint Ferdinand Catholic School would be under the direction of lay leadership. The school continues to provide a solid educational experience that is rooted in the Gospel of Christ and in the proud tradition of the Church. Saint Ferdinand Catholic School continues with a sound vision for the future of our students and is firmly committed to germinating inspiration. Saint Ferdinand Catholic School: Where Inspiration Begins!


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