Spiritual Opportunities


One of the chief ministries at the House of Prayer is spiritual direction. Spiritual direction is spiritual companionship, in a confidential setting, that assists a person in noticing God’s presence in their lives and ministries. Below are those priests who are available here for this companionship. There is no cost involved.
In Residence
Fr. Jack Stoeger, Director (323) 662-7966 x314
Fr. Chris Cartwright, S.J., Associate Director (323) 662-7569 x313
Daily Spiritual Directors – Room 15
Fr. Jim Clarke (English/Spanish)
(805) 482-2755, x 1056
Fr. Jose de Jesus Sanchez, M.Sp.S (English/Spanish)
(805) 758-1810
Fr. Eugenio Cardenas, M.Sp.S. (English/Spanish)
(805) 482-2755, x 1032
Fr. Joseph Brennan, O.S.B.
(661) 944-2178



Monday – Friday, 11:00 a.m. -12 noon Room 15
Daily Mass :Monday – Friday, 4:45 p.m. Emmaus Chapel
Please know that if one of our directors here are available, they will be most willing to hear confessions at any time.


The House of Prayer is always available for you to meet with your priest support groups. Call our office at (323) 662-0092, or email us at houseofprayer@la-archdiocese.org to reserve one of our private rooms. At the time of your reservation, kindly let us know if your group plans to join us for lunch and/or dinner.


Directed Retreats
A Silent Directed Retreat is one in which you meet daily with a spiritual director to assist you in your prayer and in discerning God’s call to action in your life. Silent Directed Retreats are typically five or eight days and can be arranged at any time of the year.
Private Retreats
A Private Retreat is one in which you are on your own, using quiet time, Scripture, spiritual reading and other means to assist you during your retreat. Private retreats can be arranged at any time of the year.
Preached Retreats
Preached retreats last five days and involve two or more conferences per day. Eucharist, gathering for prayer and faith-sharing are also included. These retreats typically begin with lunch on Monday and conclude with lunch on Friday. There is ample time for quiet and prayer.


Each priest is encouraged to make a monthly private day of recollection. The statutes of the Archdiocese provide for this, in addition to the weekly day off. You may come and spend a half day, or you can arrange to stay overnight to get the benefit of a full day of rest and prayer. We also offer preached Days of Recollection during Advent, Lent and before the Chrism Mass. You will be guided through conferences and prayer to reflect on and renew your spiritual self in this group setting. Below is a sample schedule of our typical Day of Recollection.
10 a.m.         Opening Conference
11 a.m.          Sacrament of Reconciliation or Private Prayer
Noon            Lunch
1 p.m.           Conference
2:45 p.m.     Closing Prayer