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“Thus the Creator made man and woman share in the work of his creation and, at the same time, made them instruments of his love, entrusting, to them the responsibility for the future of mankind, through the transmission of human life”

– Pope Francis

Amoris Laetita (The Joy of Love), 89 Relatio Finalis 2015, 63

For general information contact:
English: Candy Metoyer M.A.; 213.637.7250
Spanish: Graciela Villalobos; 213.637.7561


Intro / Overview:

Natural Family Planning is an educational program that helps couples plan the size of their families. It teaches them to observe, record and interpret female body changes related to ovulation. With this knowledge, couples can identify the fertile and infertile phases in the woman’s menstrual cycle.

Effective Method:

Today’s Natural Family Planning methods are accurate and precise. They have been developed by medical researchers who have a comprehensive understanding of human biology and fertility. These fertility awareness methods use the daily observation of signs and symptoms reflecting the hormonal changes within a woman’s menstrual cycle. By learning to interpret these signals, couples can avoid, postpone or achieve pregnancy.

Women can use Natural Family Planning during their entire fertile years. These methods work for women with irregular as well as regular menstrual cycles, after childbirth, during breast-feeding and nearing menopause.

Supporting Natural Family Planning:

The Office of Marriage & Family Life is committed to providing parishes with support and resources to promote Natural Family Planning.

  • Provide parishes with NFP brochures with contact information for certified teachers
  • Support Certified NFP teachers with enrichment and advertisement
  • Assist parishes with Natural Family Planning Week
  • Provide parishes with a NFP DVD at no charge for their couples to view
  • Connect NFP teachers with parishes
  • Online Resource

Brochure (Methods and Teachers)

Archdiocese of Los Angeles Natural Family Planning Teachers:
Below is a listing of Certified Natural Family Planning Instructors. For questions or to request updates to this list, please contact Candy Metoyer:

Chris & Bridget Alario 
Ovulation Method
Hermosa Beach
(310) 748-9870
(310) 374-6780

Arianna Banuelo FCD 
Creighton Model Fertility Care System
Hawaiian Gardens
(562) 458-8782

Katrina Crow, FCP 
Creighton Model Fertility Care System
(626) 292-1906

Samantha Curtis 
Marquette Model
Santa Maria
(805) 245-2108

Rob & Annie Devericks 
Sympto-Thermal Method
(805) 650-9872
Register for Class here.

Marianne Soratorio Dyogi MA, CFCP 
Creighton Model Fertility Care System
Hawaiian Gardens
(714) 803-4775

Pablo & Veronique Gaeta 
Sympto-Thermal Method
(818) 994-2110
Register for class here.

Greg & Beth Gath 
Sympto-Thermal Method
Long Beach
(562) 377-5877
Register for class here.

Laura Gomez, RN 
Ovulation Method
Granada Hills
(818) 439-3762

Martha Lacayo, FCP 
Creighton Model Fertility Care System
(626) 372-0808

Ben & Jeannine Lochtenberg 
Ovulation Method
Manhattan Beach
(310) 374-6236

Leslie McGiven 
Ovulation Method
(805) 701-2877

Mark & Trisha Munoz 
Sympto-Thermal Method
San Fernando
(818) 898-3135
Register for class here.

Joan Noyes 
Ovulation Method
(818) 425-6251
(818) 353-5281

Courtney Pirih, PA-C
Marquette Method Instructor
(949) 257-8628
NFP email:

Aaron & Lee Ann Sanchez 
Sympto-Thermal Method
(805) 650-6734
Register for class here.

Robert Shurtz & Jane Huseby RN 
Sympto-Thermal Method
(310) 568-9891
Register for class here.

Peggy Stofila, FCP
Creighton Model Fertility Care System
(310) 429-1844




Methods Practiced in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles:

More Information

More information on NFP at USCCB

  • DVD: Plan your Family Naturally: An Introduction to Natural Family Planning (DVD): For more information please contact Candy Metoyer at or (213) 637-7250
  • DVD: NFP video series, “Marital Love and Responsible Parenthood” by Goya Productions is now available in English and in Spanish here.
  • Pamphlet: NFP Natural Family Planning: Publication #C9521, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops;
  • Booklet: An Introduction to Natural Family Planning: Publication #C9921; United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
  • Married Love and the Gift of Life: US Bishop Statement on God’s Wonderful Plan for Marriage 5-787
  • Brochure: Natural Family Planning: Love, Mercy, Life #C1626

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