Liturgical Commission

The 5 goals of the Liturgical Commission are:

  1. to be informed on the state of pastoral-liturgical activity in the Archdiocese and in the Universal Church
  2. to participate in ongoing evaluation and review of the state of liturgy in the Archdiocese
  3. to establish goals and priorities for addressing the pastoral and liturgical needs of the Archdiocese and the advancement of Archdiocesan  liturgical life
  4. to suggest timely measures for implementation of the goals and priorities of the Commission
  5. to review and support proposals regarding liturgical matters arising from the implementation of Synod Initiatives.‚Äč


List of our Liturgical Committee Members:

  • Emily Arellano Jones
  • Paul Pucinelli
  • Dolores Gomez
  • Ana Cape
  • Les Rangel-Santos
  • Den. David Estrada
  • Joe Bazyouros
  • Fr. David Loftus
  • Fr. Marc Reeves, SJ
  • Fe Musgrave
  • Christopher Walker
  • Pam Wagner
  • Dn. Brian Conroy
  • Jose Garcia
  • Fr. Pedro Lopez
  • Bill Sparks
  • Lupe Sanchez
  • Fr. Alexi Smith
  • Fr. Hieu Tran
  • Monica Hughes
  • Fr. Juan Ochoa
  • Bishop Alex Salazar
  • Gabriela Esparza-Reitzell
  • Sr. Rosanne Belpedio, CSJ