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Varsity Lacrosse Head Coach $20,000 which could increase depending on additional duties such as teaching responsibilities.

St. John Bosco High School (Bellflower)






To instruct fellow program coaches and student athletes in the system, fundamental skills, strategies and physical training necessary for them to realize their talents as well as a degree of professional, individual and team success. In addition, under the direction of the School Principal, Athletic Director and C.I.F. S.S. guidelines, to instill the values of good sportsmanship and fair play along with providing a positive Salesian role model for each student athlete and assistant coach in their program.


  • Administers the sports program that he has been appointed to and is directly answerable to the Principal and operationally to the Athletic Director.
  • Promotes and strives to enhance the positive aspects of the reputation of S.J.B.H.S. and its’ athletic department programs.
  • Keeps informed and implements league constitutional provisions, rules and regulations as well as those of the school’s Athletic Department Handbook, C.I.F. S.S. Blue Book, League constitution and National Federation Rules Book.
  • Accepts and understands the rules related to the 510 series of the CIF Bluebook called “undue influence” when speaking to non-Bosco kids (k-8, as well as other HS students).
  • Accepts and understands the new 18 hour per week rule during the season of sport.
  • Acquires and submits completed program schedule (all contests, all levels) to the Athletic Director no later than 75 days prior to the first contest of the up and coming season. It must also be reviewed and approved by the Athletic Director.
  • Acquires and submits all off-season contest schedules, including summer program. Must be turned in no later than 30 days before the first contest. It must also be reviewed and approved by the Athletic Director.
  • Submits practice schedule for all levels and all facilities needed to the Athletic Department 30 days in advance all year long. It must also be reviewed and approved by the Athletic Director.
  • Sees that lower level Head Coaches, assistant coaches and student-athletes adhere to the C.I.F. “Code of Ethics.”
  • Recruits, in consultation with Principal and Athletic Director, a full and complete, as well as competent and professional staff.
  • Ensures that ALL potential staff members, including him or herself, go through the entire hiring process, including all requirements set forth by the Athletic Department (Updated Resume, Signed letter of Application, Personal Emergency Form, Signed CIF Code of Ethics, Updated First Aid and CPR cards, completed NFHS Coaching Principals, Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Death courses) and the Human Resources office (W-4 Form, I-9 Form, Live Scan Fingerprinting, TB testing, Drug Screening Consent Form, Safe Child Forms and Emergency Contact Form).

***Head Coach must not let any coaching candidate be a part of his / her program in any capacity, especially with kids, until all of the above mentioned is completed. No exceptions.

  • Contracts with dollar amounts for coaches are set by the school principal, with the guidance of the Athletic Director, who has consulted with the head coach. The approved Athletic Department Pay Scale is non-negotiable. Moderate fluctuations are allowed, but must be in proposal form and turned into the Athletic Director at least 30 days before the first contest. Private or side coaches that are not hired through St. John Bosco are not allowed.
  • Fundraising Money may not be used in any capacity to pay Bosco coaches in any way unless approved by the Principal.
  • Submits to A.D.A.A. request for all away contest transportation – all levels. Early departure time and/or other special arrangements must be discussed and approved by the Athletic Director.
  • Assists in the care for, and upkeep of the facilities and equipment used in that particular sport.
  • Establishes philosophy and system to teach fundamental skills and techniques to his staff.
  • Designs and schedules conferences, clinics, and staff meetings to ensure staff awareness and understanding of the overall program.
  • Organizes comprehensive and safe practice/game plans and guides lower level coaches to do the same.
  • Prepares accurate and up-to-date rosters for each team in the program to be submitted to AADA and Athletic Director. All deletions or additions to these rosters must be submitted to the before mentioned. These rosters are to include full name, sport; position; school I.D.#; telephone number; email; locker # and grades.
  • Delegates’ supervision assignments to his coaching staff including locker room; practice area, buses, locker room away games, weight room, etc. A copy of these seasonal supervision assignments will be filed with the Athletic Director and Locker Room Attendant.
  • Expected to be at appropriate C.I.F., league meetings, coaching staff meetings, as well as Athletic Department meetings.
  • Monitors academic and disciplinary standing of all student-athletes in his / her program. This is done with cooperation of the guidance department and both the vice principal in charge of discipline and assistant principal of academics. This is accomplished by issuing periodic academic and disciplinary “Check Sheets” to all program student athletes.
  • Submits, at the end of a season to the Athletic Director and a complete statistics sheet for the varsity team, which will be added to the school’s archives.
  • Submits an inventory of uniforms and equipment at the beginning and end of each season.
  • Maintains the schools disciplinary and dress code standards.
  • Submits to the Athletic Director an annual program budget proposal, which includes ALL proposed expenses, including items purchased through fundraising accounts. This is due in late February each year.
  • Attends, and helps in representing the department, at a variety of school public relations and recruitment events, such as but not limited to Open House, General Parent Meetings, Frosh Orientation Night and any other recruiting type of events (youth sports tourneys, club sports events, practices, etc). Attends all VIP Bosco events as a representative of your program.
  • Responsible for the organization and sponsorship of all fund raising efforts and/or events, as required by the athletic department. All fundraisers must be pre-approved through the Athletic Director and Office of Institutional Advancement.
  • Solely responsible for all income and expenses that go through his sport’s fundraising account. All monies in these accounts are owned by St. John Bosco High School. The head coach must receive approval from the Business Office, AD or school principal on all expenses in this account.
  • Works with the parents to make sure that there is an appropriate banquet at the end of the season to recognize the student-athletes. Give the names of the award recipients to the Athletic Director and also orders awards and / or trophies. Gives final rosters to ADDA so she can have certificates finished. Head Coach is responsible for budgeting for this event, as well as the collection of the funds. This includes all levels of the program. All financial spending and reimbursements must be approved ahead of time by the AD.
  • Ensures that each student-athlete on his / her team is cleared through the athletic training office (passed a valid physical examination, parents / student-athletes have signed off on all electronic forms through Family ID and the student-athlete has completed his baseline concussion testing) Coach may not allow student-athletes to participate in any capacity of his / her program until ALL of these are turned and up to date, as required by the athletic department.
  • Collects and keeps on hand a “White Card” on each of his / her student-athletes, which gives medical personnel the authorization to treat a student-athlete who needs medical attention.
  • Secures or delegates someone to secure facilities, including but not limited to the locker room, gymnasium, weight room, lights, windows, doors, etc. at the conclusion of practice and/or contests.
  • Seeks out clinics as well as seminars, and arranges for staff professional upgrades in the area of fundamental skills teaching, and technical knowledge.
  • Works with Trainer in reporting all student-athlete injuries, regardless of how minor. Submits properly completed injury reports.
  • Assists senior student athletes to obtain college scholarships and maintains proper communications with college and community college recruiters.
  • Conducts staff evaluations and recommendations at the conclusion of each season.
  • Use the appropriate forms to obtain approval for out of the ordinary athletic requests, including by not limited to: overnight trips, camps and / or tournaments with team during in or out of season, coaching clinics and / or seminars for coaching staff and any team barbecues, retreats, special celebrations, etc.
  • Maintains an organized and clean office / work space area, storage areas and / or any other sport related areas that are used by program.
  • Obtain pre-approval for all artwork on all clothing worn by program coaches and players. Artwork must be within the school color and logo scheme.
  • Follows the proper chain of command when problems or needs arise. Head Coach to AD to Principal to President. (Do not jump to top to have your needs met quicker. We need to respect the chain of command).
  • Confidentiality – Keep in mind that all department communication and information should be kept strictly confidential. Information should not ever be released in any capacity on our own student-athletes, inside information about our school or programs and school business need to stay inside the school. This info should not be shared with outside coaches, student-athletes, parents, alums, BOD, etc. “When in doubt, don’t share!”
  • Fosters the department and school “Philosophy” and “Mission” statements in a spirit of “assistance” and “presence” as set out in the teaching system of St. John Bosco.



  • Desired Valid California Teachers Credential, Head Coaching or equivalent experience preferred.
  • Two years previous high school varsity coaching or equivalent required.
  • Must have a Valid CPR and First Aid card.
  • Must also be certified in the state required NFHS Coaching Principles Class, NFHS Concussion Course and Sudden Cardiac Death Course.
  • Must also complete all HR requirements from school.

Send cover letter and resume to Dr. Eric Lane at

Wage Range
The rate of pay offered to the selected candidate is based on internal pay policy and budget. New hires are commonly paid at the minimum of the wage range or within the lower part of the range. We consider a number of factors when making compensation decisions including, but not limited to, skill sets, experience, training and other department needs.

Information/Application Contact

St. John Bosco High School (Bellflower)

13640 Bellflower Blvd

Bellflower, CA 90706