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P.E. Teacher, Athletic Director, Recess Monitor

Holy Family Catholic School (South Pasadena)






Position Goal: Responsible for the organization of-, good order and safety of P.E. classes, recess, and athletics, and bringing value to our Catholic school’s program by promoting our school mission and vision

Report to: Principal

General Responsibilities

  • Provide for the spiritual, moral, physical, emotional, and intellectual development of the children of Holy Family Catholic School
  • Help live, instill and motivate the Philosophy and Mission of Holy Family Catholic School
  • Maintain a professional, charitable, and respectful relationship with all members of the Holy Family community
  • Be present in school and available for all assigned duties from 10:15 am – 6:15 pm, Monday through Friday of the school year
  • Work to establish an inclusive environment where all children are valued and respected
  • Establish and maintain effective discipline, while maintaining children’s self-worth and dignity
  • Teach sportsmanship
  • Ensure children are safe and always in range of sight
  • Teach acceptable behavior and ensure students act appropriately
  • Communicate effectively, letting classroom teachers, principal and parents know if issues arise
  • Be proactive regarding any incidents of bullying or situations where students are not getting along
  • Teach and enforce safe behaviors
  • Return calls, emails, and other correspondence with parents within a 48 hour period
  • Learn to use new technology and incorporate it in related duties
  • Work with colleagues to enforce the dress code
  • Plan and execute faculty-student volleyball game
  • Adhere to the Faculty Handbook, the Parent Student Handbook, and the Archdiocesan Administrative Handbook
  • Carry out duties in a responsible manner regarding curriculum, co-curricular activities, safety, and other assigned tasks
  • Adhere to all policies regarding:
    • Credentials
    • Contractual agreements
    • First Aid Certification
  • Participate in the school Safety Committee and supervise emergency preparedness:
    • Inventory items in the Emergency Shed
    • Ensure each classroom has all necessary emergency-related items
    • Replace emergency items when necessary
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Providing guidance and direction for a school’s sports program
  • Preparing budgets and allocating spending on items such as coaches’ salaries, team travel, equipment purchases, and facility upkeep
  • Coordinate with coaches about the scheduling of games and practices
  • Collaborate with conferences and leagues about scheduling issues
  • Coordinate officials and umpires at games
  • Write summaries of the status of each team and its successes and shortcomings, sharing these with the Principal
  • Act as a community liaison, ensuring fairness during practices and games
  • Mediating any disputes that arise between students, coaches or parents. Inform the Principal of said issues and follow-up in a timely manner.
  • Attend all faculty meetings, in-service days, retreat days, Back to School Night, Graduation and other after school events as requested by the Principal
  • Secure off-campus facilities for practices and games
  • Schedule all games or contests
  • Hire coaches and ensure they meet the coaching certification requirements of the CYO: fingerprinting, VIRTUS, PLC class, and concussion education
  • Ensure officials have been assigned to games
  • Budget for- and purchase athletic equipment and arrange for payment for referee fees, playoff fees, registration fees, coaching stipends, permit fees, etc., with permission of the Principal.
  • Maintain the athletic portion of the school website by collaborating with the Director of Communications.
  • Attend all league or CYO meetings
  • Update and maintain the school’s Athletic Handbook
  • Ensure compliance with the Athletic Handbook
  • Be proactive ensuring students are in grade and behavioral compliance for sports participation


  • Plan for a balanced physical education program using appropriate standards, agreed upon curriculum guidelines and lesson plans which will be shared with the Principal
  • Differentiate lessons for the developmental needs of students
  • Take the initiative in calling, and setting up appointments with parents regarding the progress of their child
  • Evaluate students fairly and accurately using the grading program

Be well prepared for class:

  • Submit lesson plans electronically or in print by 10:00 am the first day of every week via Planbook
  • Keep curriculum monitoring sheets up-to-date and be able to submit them to the principal at the end of the year.



  • Maintain good walking order as students move throughout the grounds
  • Make certain students exit to outdoor recess or to their teachers in a safe and orderly manner
  • Actively supervise lunch and recess

Other Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree


  • Teaching Credential
  • Organizational management

Information/Application Contact

Holy Family Catholic School (South Pasadena)

1301 Rollin Street

South Pasadena, CA 91030