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Middle School Math Teacher (5-8)

Resurrection School (Los Angeles)






Resurrection Catholic School seeks a mission-driven, faith-filled, results-oriented teacher to serve as a middle school math teacher Grades 5- 8. Teachers at Resurrection maintain high expectations of themselves and their scholars, are organized and prepared to teach, and treat all scholars, families, and colleagues with the utmost respect. Prior experience with blended learning is not required, but talent, drive, and a desire to develop college-bound scholars and saints are mandatory.

About Resurrection School: Resurrection School has been serving the Boyle Heights Community in Los Angeles since 1950. It was founded by the Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate. 85% of our students qualify for the federal free or reduced-price lunch program and 97% of our students are Hispanic. Resurrection School is a parish school that works to help our scholars achieve excellence while serving Christ and preparing for college. By focusing on the school’s four core values of faith, responsibility, respect, and perseverance in each class, our scholars are growing as students and active citizens in our neighborhood. Both our parish and school administration are committed to helping scholars and their families grow in faith and give back to our community to help assist those in need. Through the use of blended learning in our kindergarten through 8th-grade classes, we are able to use data to drive instruction, identify gaps, and monitor the instructional improvements required to meet the goal of developing “college-ready Catholic scholars.” We are transparent in our work through continual assessment of how our scholars and ourselves are growing and learning with honesty and humility. We bring our genuine self to work and allow our faith to guide our decisions, words, and actions. We value the differences of others and know that we learn best from multiple perspectives. We serve not because our students are Catholic, but because we are Catholic.
We set and pursue goals for ourselves and our scholars. We know that demonstrating hard work and grit is necessary to achieve these goals. We work with a purpose and do not let challenges prevent us from achieving excellent outcomes for students. We understand that the world around us is constantly changing and act swiftly to adjust and grow. We are positive and upbeat in order to show our scholars that there is nothing too big to handle.

The duties and responsibilities of the position include:

Teach knowledge and skills based on prioritized standards, nurture confidence and character, and inspire the passion needed for our students to achieve their goals, live their best lives, and positively impact our community.
Plan and prepare lesson plans that utilize a variety of instructional strategies based on the diverse needs of all students.
Successfully integrate blended learning into content instruction, with the coaching and support from Instructional Leader and Catholic School Collaborative learning team.
Analyze data (formal and informal) and use this information to drive and inform instruction. Help maintain a strong “no-excuses” school culture using elements including defined core values, class chants, and a school slogan; incentive systems framed around effort and grit; and dissemination of a college-bound vision.
Maintain high expectations for students’ academic achievement and conduct. Communicate and collaborate professionally with colleagues, parents, and visitors.
Participate in professional development sessions and teacher feedback coaching sessions

Character Priorities
Faith-filled Catholic who seeks God in all things and is called to serve others.
Unquestioned integrity and commitment to Resurrection Catholic School’s mission.
The core belief that all children can achieve both moral and academic excellence.
A relentless, results-oriented achiever who is always looking for a better way to improve outcomes for their students.
Priority to Candidates that show:
Experience teaching disadvantaged students, with above-average achievement results.
A desire to innovate by using technology and feedback to stretch the status quo and make the impossible possible.

Salary & Benefits: We offer salary and benefits in accordance with experience and qualifications.

We act courageously in the face of challenges and persevere through difficulties because we know it will make us better people. We stretch beyond the status quo in order to help our scholars and ourselves. We use technology and peer collaboration to teach actively, in order to create the best products for our scholars. We are not afraid to push the envelope and develop new methods in teaching. We are enthusiastic about our community, our job, and our Church. We love working with our scholars and will put in the extra time to mold a “college-ready” scholar. We create an environment that is motivating, purposeful, inclusive, and unapologetically Catholic. We encourage our scholars to have zest in their life and education. We strive for excellence. We work consistently to improve our results in response to data and feedback. We prioritize in order to make the most of our time and maximize our impact. We believe that all children have dignity and can succeed. We always do what is in the best interest of our scholars.


Minimum Requirements:

Philosophical alignment with the college preparatory and catholic mission of the school
Bachelor’s Degree in Math/STEM Field or Valid California Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential or Intern Credential through a program recognized by the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Progress towards the Catechism Formation and completed within four years of employment.
Commitment to continuous professional development
High behavioral expectations and strong classroom management skills
The desire to work as part of a team
Facility with the Spanish language (preferred)

Information/Application Contact

Resurrection School (Los Angeles)

3360 E Opal Street

Los Angeles, CA 90023