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High School Dean of Students $43,203 – $76,187; Compensation commensurate with level of experience, relevant professional certifications, and/or degrees earned.

Junipero Serra High School (Gardena)






Junipero Serra High School- Catholic College Preparatory in Gardena, California, is considering applications for Dean of Students for 2023/2024 academic school year: Candidates should be team players and able to collaborate easily with colleagues. Strong organizational and class management skills needed as well as the ability to communicate regularly and effectively with all stakeholders including parents, other colleagues, and students. The successful candidate must demonstrate up-to-date knowledge of technology and social media and be able to engage and connect with the students, developing 21st century skills, and educating the whole child, mind and spirit. Candidate must be highly skilled at planning, organizing, and be able to reach the needs of all students. This position includes teaching two classes. Candidate will also effectively collaborate with colleagues to integrate the school mission. 


Administrative Duties

  1. In the absence of the Principal and the Vice Principal assumes responsibility for the school.
  2. Acts as liaison and proxy for the Principal at all school functions as needed including but not limited to administrative, faculty, staff, student and/or parent meetings and/or events.
  3. Assists the Principal in the annual revision of the parent/student and personnel handbooks.
  4. Directly supervises the Registrar in the data entry of attendance into the POWERSCHOOL system, distribution of absences, timeliness and unverified truancy of students to notify parents and submit for disciplinary action.
  5. Directly supervises the Detention Coordinator to ensure the proper data entry and management of student detention and continuing disciplinary procedures for compliance failures.
  6. Organizes, maintains and audits the assignment, distribution and securing of school property for students ensuring the proper use of storage of items within lockers. Provides service for the storage and retrieval of confiscated and found property.
  7. Performs any other duties assigned by the Principal.

General Discipline / Safety

  1. Develops and maintains disciplinary policies and practices of the school on an annual basis to ensure the complete supervision of students at all scheduled times and areas of the school including but not limited to the arrival to school, assemblies, breaks, lunch, departure of school and areas including but not limited to the campus facilities and surrounding areas of the school.
  2. Ensures the collection of all school forms including but not limited to Parent-Student Handbook acknowledgements and releases.
  3. Provides for the overall safety of the school, faculty, staff and students through the development and implementation of an annual emergency plan in the case of disaster. Plans and conducts regular drills for the practice.
  4. Provides through the local police department security to ensure the safety of students and campus facilities and property during school sponsored events.
  5. Acts as the school liaison with police departments, courts and public agencies in an effort to facilitate the discipline of the school.
  6. Ensures faculty instructors are present and assist in the overall supervision of students during passing times in hallways, lavatories during breaks, lunch and student assemblies and events.
  7. By referral, assists in disciplinary incidents within the classroom through direct or indirect intervention with the student/parent in conference with and/or without the faculty instructor.

Student Discipline

  1. Is responsible for the overall administration of disciplinary dispositions of the school and will consult with the Principal, when required by policy in all serious matters or in the case of an expulsion of a student.
  2. Administers all suspensions as required by the discipline and conduct rules of the school. Refer all students to disciplinary review board who engage in ongoing and repetitive infractions that impede the educational process of the school and/or for major infractions of school policy and rules.
  3. Ensures student discipline through the frequent scheduling of detention hours and Character Camps to maintain consistent enforcement of school-wide disciplinary policies and rules.
  4. Maintains data records of student misconduct and disciplinary incidents including but not limited to detention, referral slips, disciplinary contracts, parent notifications and conferences and corrective measures.
  5. Monitors, audits and submits all students for disciplinary action in cases of excessive tardy or absences.

Maintains standards of dress code and personal appearance of students



Candidate must embrace the mission and values of the Catholic Church and Junipero Serra High School. BA in any of the high school subject area is required as well as a minimum three years teaching experience as a High School. Candidate must be familiar with Common Core State Standards. California Teaching Credential and/or Masters in the subject matter or related filed is required. Familiarity with online grading resources such as PowerSchool, PowerTeacher Pro and is preferred.

Salary Range:

“$43,203 – $76,187; Compensation commensurate with level of experience, relevant professional certifications, and/or degrees earned.” 


  • Junipero Serra High School is committed to hiring a diverse and multicultural staff. If interested in this job opening, please submit (1) a resume, (2) a statement of interest and philosophy of education (no more than two pages). All materials should be sent electronically.


Wage Range
The rate of pay offered to the selected candidate is based on internal pay policy and budget. New hires are commonly paid at the minimum of the wage range or within the lower part of the range. We consider a number of factors when making compensation decisions including, but not limited to, skill sets, experience, training and other department needs.

Information/Application Contact

Junipero Serra High School (Gardena)

14830 Van Ness Ave.

Gardena, CA 90249