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Elementary and Intermediate Teachers

Holy Trinity School, San Pedro (San Pedro)






Become a teacher at the BEST PRIVATE SCHOOL in the South Bay! Holy Trinity School in San Pedro is looking for exceptional teachers who love children and want to be part of our family.
We have openings in both elementary and intermediate grades.

Holy Trinity School Teacher Job Description
It is the duty of the teacher to plan for and carry out instruction based on Common Core State Standards, State of California Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, International Society for Technology in Education, and Archdiocese of Los Angeles Religion standards that works to meet the needs of the individual learner. Components of this are:
● Carefully plan clear, concise lessons based on standards that will meet the learning needs of all students
● Communicate expectations for learning to the students, including the Student Learning Expectations
● Use instructional time efficiently and effectively
● Utilize a variety of techniques to meet all learning needs, including the use of technology
● Utilize student engagement activities to greatly involve the students in the learning: Co-operative learning groups, Think/Pair/Share and other engagement activities
● Create lessons that will allow for the students’ creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills to be developed and enhanced
● Provide consistent and on-going evaluation of the learning, both formative and summative, including use of rubrics when appropriate
● Adjust planned lessons to accommodate students who have mastered the material and to provide assistance/re-teaching to those who have not mastered the content
● Ensure that the objective, methodology, and assessment are aligned for each lesson
● Use STAR Test results to plan, modify, and differentiate instruction
● Correct assignments in a timely manner and update the grades every two weeks
Supervision and Classroom Management
● Never leave students unattended: be physically and mentally present to students at all times
● Maintain a safe, orderly and clean classroom environment that is attractive and welcoming
● Establish an efficient classroom routine
● Create and consistently carry out routines and procedures for an orderly learning environment
● Set clear expectations for student behavior and clear consequences for when expectations are not met
● Carry out classroom discipline plan in a manner that is consistent and fair, while reinforcing positive behavior
Catholic Faith
● Be a practicing Catholic: Mass attendance and reception of the Sacraments
● Reflect the Catholic school philosophy in words, actions, and appearance
● Speak, act, and instruct the students in a manner consistent with the teachings of the Church in all matters
● Participate in ongoing faith formation
● Integrate the Catholic faith into other subject matter
● Teach and model acceptance, tolerance, and social justice for the students
● Give evidence of the importance of prayer and worship in the school day
● Model an attitude of service and plan service projects with the students
● Be prepared for class each day, turn lesson plans in on time, showing evidence of short and long term planning, and have materials ready
● Perform all yard duty responsibilities necessary for the safety of the children
● Display good judgment in working with students, parents, administration, and staff
● Keep the principal informed of activities, problems, and communications, so the school can provide needed help for that student
● Provide written documentation to principal of conferences where you express a concern to a parent
● Review cumulative records for each student by mid-October
● Communicate effectively with parents in a timely manner when necessary for the student’s welfare
● Maintain a reasonable record of attendance and promptness
● Be punctual for all school duties
● Maintain professionally appropriate relationships with students, parents, administration, and staff
● Maintain required school records: grade book and attendance; turn in required documents on time
● Model correct use of oral and written language
● Carefully maintain school property and materials
● Actively participate in curriculum planning
● Practice confidentiality; respect privacy of students, parents, faculty and staff
● Promote a positive self-image in students
● Interact with students and parents in a mutually respectful and just manner
● Use discretion in handling difficult situations
● Assume an appropriate share of curricular and extra-curricular activities
● Work collaboratively as part of the team
● Participate in events that are part of the school, especially when teacher’s grade is involved
● Dress professionally according to the school’s dress code policy
Physical Requirements
● Be visible and mobile within the classroom and during yard supervision
● Be able to lift 20 pounds (i.e., unpack boxes of books, move desks)
● Be able to lift arms above head and put things into and take out of closets
● Be able to stand while teaching and move throughout the room during each lesson, monitoring what students are doing
● Be able to respond quickly and efficiently in a crisis drill and actual situation
● Be able to move in such a way as to monitor student work, be close to the children during rug time

All specific daily routines and duties in the handbook are also part of the teacher job description.


A valid California Credential
A degree in Education
Must be comfortable using MacBook Pro, Interactive
Whiteboard software, and computers as a tool for instruction

To Apply:
Send Cover Letter and Resume to Dr. Linda Wiley at

Information/Application Contact

Holy Trinity School, San Pedro (San Pedro)

1226 W. Santa Cruz Street

San Pedro, California 90732