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Director of Religious Education/Confirmation Coordinator

Our Lady of Sorrows Church (Santa Barbara)






1. Plans, organizes, supervises, coordinates, evaluates, and budgets for all aspects of the parish religious education program.
a. Determines the content of the programs (methodologies/liturgies/etc.) in accordance with the Archdiocese’s Office of Religious Education.
b. Maintains contact with the regional and Archdiocesan Offices of Religious Education.
2. Selects all texts books and supplies with the Pastor’s approval for religious education programs, including religious education materials and opportunities for parish school students for sacrament preparation.
3. Provides opportunities for the spiritual growth of the staff of the catechetical/youth programs.
4. Plans the sacramental programs for RCIA Adapted For Children, First Reconciliation, First Communion and Youth Confirmation.
5. Participates in maintaining lists, records (including sacramental), etc. of each student.
6. Collaborates and supports the registration process of students with the front office
7. Supervision includes the following programs:
a. Catechesis – Grades 1-8, including RCIA Adapted For Children and Special Education
i. Parent Education for Catechesis
b. Catechesis — Grades 9-12, including RCIA Adapted For Children and Special Education
c. RCIA/RICA Program Coordination for Rites and Scrutinies
i. Creates calendar for Rites and Scrutinies to share with parish and all RCIA catechists
ii. Holds annual planning meeting in late-September for all RCIA/RICA catechists who oversee all ages to coordinate Rite of Welcome and review special circumstances in advance to review with pastor. if needed.
iii. Coordinates RCIA needs with school staff/principal to ensure they are included and receive communication about Rites and Scrutinies
iv. Coordinates unbaptized youth RCIA needs with catechist
v. Works with pastor to create and approve scripts for all Rites and Scrutinies in English and Spanish
1. Attends all Rites and Scrutinies to ensure they run smoothly, coordinating what’s needed, gathering/order supplies
vi. Keeps track of children and youth in RCIA program and communicates with parents to ensure they participate in Rites and Scrutinies
vii. Works with RCIA and RICA Catechists to ensure adult program is on track
viii. Ensures all sacrament certificates, sponsor forms, marital status and saint names are submitted for the RICA program by the deadline; ensures adult RCIA/RICa catechists schedule marital status meetings with pastor for sacrament approval by Ash Wednesday.
d. Children’s Liturgy of The Word and Teen-attended Masses
e. Altar Servers – works with volunteer Altar Server Coordinator to recruit and train students from school and parish.
f. Baptism Preparation Class — Scheduling and ongoing catechist training, as needed to maintain consistency between Spanish and English presentations
g. Young Adult Ministry
h. Co-coordinates the Altar Servers ministry – Alongside principal and/or delegate, and the Associate Pastor who oversees the Liturgical Ministry of the Parish.
8. Ensure all Safeguard the Children regulations and program requirements are met, including the Bates Clearance Fingerprinting Criminal Rectors Summary requirements. In addition, ensures execution of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ child abuse reporting requirements are met.
a. VPIN records are maintained by parish office staff, DRE to communicate with those in ministry and coordinate with parish office
9. Produces and executes an approved catechetical plan, with the Pastor’s approval.
10. Drafts, explains and defends the catechetical budget to the appropriate parish decision-making bodies.
11. Reviews, evaluates and develops programs, mission statements and long/short-range goals and objectives for the parish catechetical program.
12. Attends and is a member of the Parish Pastoral Council, Liturgy Committee and Staff Meetings, in addition to Regional DRE Meetings and Youth Ministry Meetings.
13. Organizes, fundraises and attends the annual Regional and L.A. Archdiocese Religious Education Congresses, inviting volunteer staff to help these efforts and attend.


As a leader of the parish faith community, the Religious Education Director is responsible for implementing many spiritual programs that lead our parishioners to salvation. She/he must:
• Be a practicing Catholic with a strong knowledge and understanding of the faith
• Be deeply committed to developing their own faith life, as well as that of teachers and students
• Be dedicated to the ministry of religious education.
• Be familiar with Church documents pertaining to catechesis. Master Catechist Certificate, a plus.
• College degree

• May choose to recruit, select and train catechists/volunteers to meet the requirements of the Archdiocese certificate program, using Archdiocesan materials. When choosing to do so, this work comes after all DRE responsibilities.
• May be called upon to preside over parish communion services and graveside services to assist the pastor.

Information/Application Contact

Our Lady of Sorrows Church (Santa Barbara)

21 E. Sola Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101