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Business Manager

Pomona Catholic High School (Pomona)






POSITION TITLE: Business Manager Compensation: TBD on experience
DEPARTMENT: Finance Office
REPORTS TO: Principal


The Organization – Los Angeles Archdiocese all girls high school and coed middle school

Candidate Profile
• At least five years of related accounting experience
• Good understanding of and experience working with QuickBooks and Excel
• Education/experience in accounting
• Get the job done attitude
• Works the hours needed
• Team oriented individual that will work effectively with teachers, parents, staff and students

Overall Role
1. Oversee the finance function and assist in the financial stewardship of the school
2. Supervise the Business Office staff and train staff in the areas of payroll, accounts payable, bank reconciliations and other areas as needed.
3. Assist in the strategic planning and implementation of long range plans for the schools.
4. Establish a close working relationship with the Archdiocese financial department and other finance personnel at secondary schools in the Archdiocese.
5. Serve on the Finance Committee of the school’s consultative board
6. Serve on the School’s Leadership Team
7. Report to Principal with dotted line reporting relationship to the Archdiocese

Essential Functions: (in conjunction with the Business Office staff)

A. Accounts Payable
1. Receive and verify invoices and requisitions for goods and services.
2. Ensure that the amounts requested are included in the budget.
3. Verify that transactions comply with financial policies and procedures including invoices and requisitions are properly approved and that they are documented in sufficient detail to verify that they are appropriate expenditures and to insure that they are placed in the proper Accounts/Subaccounts within QuickBooks.
4. Establish and maintain a procedure for weekly processing of vendor checks.
5. Establish and maintain vendor files

B. Tuition and Fee Accounts
1. Work with families to prepare and agree to a Tuition and Fee payment plan for the next school year.
i. For those seeking tuition assistance, oversee their application to FACTS Grant in Aid
ii. For those who qualify, make sure they have completed properly and completely the application for tuition assistance through the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF). Ensure that the applications submitted to CEF are complete and on time.
iii. For families seeking additional assistance through scholarship funds requiring a written application (e.g. Borba Endowment funds), working with the Development Office, make sure they have completed the Pomona Catholic application for those funds.
iv. Prior to the beginning of the school year, make sure the Tuition Agreements are completed, approved and signed including the use of “unfunded tuition amounts” (i.e. PCTA funding). Complete and maintain the Excel Roster of Students.
v. Prepare and update monthly the student enrollment report.
vi. Verify that all accounts are properly set up in FACTS

2. Billing and Collection
i. Ensure that receipts and charges are entered in QuickBooks and/or FACTS in a timely manner. This includes tuition invoices, athlete fee charges, charges for retreats and special field trips, fund raising activities (e.g. the Fall Raffle), etc.
ii. Ensure that customer invoices from FACTS are issued in a timely manner. Make sure that accurate contact data is on file in QuickBooks and FACTS for each family.
iii. For current year accounts, follow up on accounts delinquent over 30 days with telephone calls and emails
iv. For accounts delinquent over 60 days, send a tuition suspension notice.
v. For accounts delinquent over 70 days, suspend the student from class
vi. Document collection attempts and agreements in the Notes section of the QuickBooks and FACTS “customer” accounts.
vii. For accounts where funds are owed from the prior year, work with the families to develop a payoff plan covering all or part of the amount owed. If payoff is highly unlikely, write off the amounts owed.
3. Respond to inquiries regarding accounts on same day received or within one business day after.

C. Payroll and Benefits
1. Work with the Principal in the preparation of annual contracts with teachers and staff.
2. Complete payroll functions in order to ensure employees are paid in an accurate and timely manner
3. Establish and maintain confidential employee files.
4. Receive salary and hourly time sheets on time and verify pay amounts, hours of work, deductions, etc.
5. Arrange for entry of all data into ADP payroll system
6. Distribute payroll checks not subject to direct deposit
7. Coordinate with ADP on deductions and payroll taxes
8. Assist employees in enrolling in the health insurance and monitor the accuracy of the health insurance transactions performed by the Archdiocese.

D. Human Resources
1. Coordinate new hire onboarding with hiring authority
2. Work with Archdiocese for guidance on all human resource related items including benefits, employee issues, laws and appropriate practices – reporting back to Pomona Catholic administration with pertinent information
3. Verify Archdiocese Volunteer/Personnel Information Network (VPIN) compliance.
4. Guide management to ensure legal compliance on matters such as job classifications, minimum wage requirements, etc.
5. Be an unbiased liaison between employee and employer

E. General Accounting
1. Through QuickBooks, maintain the Chart of Accounts
2. Maintain the general ledger including timely entry of monthly general journal entries.
3. Oversee the Investment Pool accounts and amounts.
4. Each month, reconcile bank statements and QuickBooks accounts for high school and middle school. Complete reconciliations by the 10th of the following month.
5. Prepare Archdiocesan monthly financial report for review and approval by the Principal. Complete by the 10th of the following month.
6. As needed, prepare special reports requested by the Archdiocese and the staff using the FACTS and QuickBooks report generating capabilities and Excel
7. Work with the Principal and other administrative personnel to prepare and submit on-time the required preliminary and final versions of the budgets

F. Other Duties and Responsibilities as required.

Bilingual: English – Spanish
MS in accounting or related field

Pomona Catholic School offers a rewarding, supportive work environment, competitive salary and benefits, and an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of the students entrusted to its care.

Please submit resume to Michael McKay, Financial Advisor at


Bachelors Degree or higher in finance or accounting
Masters Degree preferred
Fingerprint clearance
Safeguard the Children certificate
CA Driver’s License

Information/Application Contact

Pomona Catholic High School (Pomona)

533 West Holt Avenue

Pomona, CA 91768