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Assistant Principal of Academics

St. Bernard High School (Playa del Rey)






The Assistant reports directly to the Principal and is responsible for all areas of school operation in the Principal’s absence. The prime responsibility is to assist the Principal in providing and implementing an appropriate program of studies and curriculum policies for the student body. The Assistant principal will help to create a strong academic culture, understanding and recognizing students’ different learning styles. The Assistant Principal is also responsible for the fulfillment of various other administrative and organizational functions.


1. Implements, with department chairs, policies, and procedures related to studies such as grading, grade books, exams, and report cards.
2. Schedules semester exams and determines excused and unexcused absences from final exams.
3. Oversees registrar and requests for transcripts, report cards, and permanent records.
4. Reviews grade sheets for accuracy, correctness, and timeliness.
5. Determines contracts for academic probations with counselors.
6. Coordinates the process for the distribution of failure notices and progress reports.
7. Arranges for the academic awards assemblies.
8. Publishes the honor roll and sees that the permanent records reflect honors and awards.
9. Notifies the Principal in cases where the policies of the school are not properly carried out in regard to studies.
10. Coordinates the grading and report card preparation process with the registrar and teachers.
11. Chairs the Curriculum Committee,
12. Develops the course catalog describing all course offerings and coordinates with the bookstore the titles of books to be purchased each year after approval by the Principal.
13. Oversees counselors who ensure that individual students have met graduation requirements.
14. Coordinates the new parent meetings each Fall.
15. Assists the Principal in the supervision and evaluation of the counselor(s).
16. Assists the Principal in the interviewing and hiring of new teachers.
17. Coordinates the ongoing implementation of the WCEA/WASC recommendations.
18. Serves as chairperson of the Steering Committee for the WCEA/WASC visitation.
19. Organizes the scheduled Back-to-School Orientations and Parent-Teacher conferences.
20. Approves all field trips.
21. Develops the master schedule and assists with the master calendar.
22. Responsible for investigation of, correspondence with, and implementation of applicable Federal and State programs at the site level (e.g. Title I, E-rate, etc.)
23. Serves as a member of the:
a. Administrative Board
b. Administrative Council
c. Evaluative Council
24. Assists in the annual revision of the student and faculty handbooks.
28. Assists in yard and hall supervision during break and lunch and as needed.
29. Perform any other duties assigned by the Principal.

Faculty Supervision

1. Supervises and evaluates all faculty members.
2. Implements policies, which relate to the professional conduct of faculty members in such areas as dress, grooming, deportment, attendance, and punctuality.
3. Conducts informal classroom observations, instructional supervisions, and formal evaluation visits.
4. Gathers appropriate input, prepares the annual, written evaluation of each teacher, and submits a copy to the Principal.
5. Directs, supervises, and evaluates department chairpersons in carrying out their management, supervision, and leadership responsibilities and in implementing the policies and practices of the school within their department.
6. Acts as the professional growth advisor for teachers who are working towards personal professional development in such areas as the completion and renewal of credentials.
7. Directs the new teacher and master teacher programs to provide orientation, assistance, development, and supervision for teachers who are new to the school. Conducts monthly meetings of first and second-year teachers.
8. Plans and coordinates faculty in-service and staff development opportunities.
9. Conducts frequent meetings with counselors.
10. Oversees the assignment of teachers to substitute for absent teachers.
11. Records teacher’s absences and substitutions and prepare reports for each December and June.

Master Schedule

1. Coordinates the re-registration process for all grade levels, including updating forms, course codes, and data processing procedures.
2. Is responsible for the scheduling of students including assisting in the development and the data entry of the Master Schedule, processing students’ course requests, and resolving conflicts between the two.
3. Provides a copy of students’ class schedules to students and the main office.
4. Does all revisions to the Master Schedule.
5. responsible for keeping up to date on changes in the computer software as it applies to scheduling, including attending seminars, workshops, and in-service training.


1. Arranges for the administration and supervision of the Freshman Placement Exams
2. Chairs the Admissions Committee.
3. Reviews transfer student applications and selects candidates for admission.
4. Coordinates the registration process for all incoming 9th graders and transfer students.
5. Evaluates transfer students when they seek admission to the school and work with the counselor to schedule their classes that will meet the school’s graduation requirements and the needs of the students.

Summer School

1. Assists the Principal in the recruiting and hiring of faculty to teach in the summer session.
2. Prepares appropriate information and forms for the summer school brochure and registration.
3. Assists school departments in defining the curriculum content of summer school classes.
4. Develops the Master Teacher Schedule for the summer session and supervises the scheduling of students.
5. Assures that the appropriate textbooks have been ordered for the summer session.
6. Coordinates with the counselor(s) the placement of students into appropriate courses for make-up classes.
7. Directs the supervision and evaluation of summer school faculty.
8. Assures that Summer School grades are properly and promptly reported.


1. Orders an appropriate number of information brochures and exams to accommodate the needs of students.
2. Arranges collection of the monies paid by the students taking the AP exam(s) through the main office.
3. Instructs faculty on the administration of standardized tests to be administered during the school year. (Star testing, PSAT, etc.)
4. Works with the counselor to distribute test results to students.
5. Conducts PD for faculty on the use of test results.

ABOUT St. Bernard High School: Founded in 1957, St. Bernard High School is a co-educational, Catholic college preparatory high school whose mission is to assist students in finding their passion and developing that passion through curricular, co-curricular, and Christian service experiences as we prepare them for heaven, college, and career. St. Bernard seeks faculty and staff who are enthusiastic about ongoing professional learning and engaging students in their development. We offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits, and a friendly, beautiful campus setting. To learn more about all of the wonderful aspects of the school, please visit our website at

Interested candidates should send their resumes to
Please put the job title in the subject line.


Bachelor’s degree required
Master in Education Administration or Curriculum & Instruction preferred
California Teaching Credential Preferred
Experience in Administrative Roles
Experience with high school students preferred.
Preference is given to practicing Roman Catholics.

Information/Application Contact

St. Bernard High School (Playa del Rey)

9100 Falmouth Ave

Playa del Rey, CA 90293